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A student at UCLA waves a Palestinian flag with protesters in the background.

UC Ethnic Studies Requirement Waylaid by Israel-Hamas War

Is anti-Zionism core to ethnic studies? Should it matter? These questions have stoked debate about plans for a University of California admissions requirement.

A photo illustration of the governors of Florida and Texas speaking and pointing, superimposed over outlines of their states.

Are Professors Really Fleeing Universities in Red States?

Some academics have publicly announced resignations, but evidence of a mass faculty exodus from states like Florida is thin, at least so far. Media hyped a brain drain regardless.

A grayscale image of a keyboard with a red key labeled "PORN."

Joe Gow Should Be a Professor, Not a Chancellor

Jonathan Zimmerman argues Gow’s tenure shouldn’t be at risk after the former UW La Crosse chancellor posted pornographic videos.

A photo illustration of fired UW La Crosse chancellor Joe Gow

Fired UW La Crosse Chancellor Weighs Legal Action

Joe Gow was fired last week for appearing in adult videos with his wife, and his faculty tenure is under review. Now he’s mulling legal action.

Image of the number 2023 and top headlines from Inside Higher Ed

The Articles You Read the Most in 2023

Flagship universities’ financial woes, politicization in Florida, flaps over religion and free speech, “pretendians,” and artificial intelligence captured Inside Higher Ed readers’ attention this year.

California State Union Threatens 1-Week Systemwide Strike

The California Faculty Association says its members will strike from Jan. 22 to 26 across the California State University system...
Three student demonstrators at a Dec. 8 protest of the University of Texas at Austin's removal of two teaching assistants.

2 TAs Provided Students Mental Health Resources on Gaza. They’re Not TAs Anymore

University of Texas at Austin faculty members and students are protesting the removal of two teaching assistants who sent students a pro-Palestinian statement.

Columbia Chicago, Long-Striking Faculty Have Tentative Deal

Columbia College Chicago and its union representing part-time faculty members reached a tentative agreement Sunday, possibly ending an unusually long...