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A photograph of Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin, in academic robes, speaking at a lectern with George Mason written on it.

Virginia Officials Scrutinize Two Universities’ DEI Course Syllabi

A spokesman for Governor Glenn Youngkin invoked concerns about “core curriculum mandates that are a thinly veiled attempt to incorporate the progressive left’s groupthink.” Two universities’ diversity education initiatives may be in peril.

Rutgers Unions Sued Over Strike; Case Seeks National Impact

A junior is suing Rutgers University faculty, graduate student, postdoctoral associate and counselor unions that struck in April 2023—plus their...
A photo illustration combining snippets of bills from Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Utah and Wyoming and a map of the U.S. highlighting those states.

Civil Rights Groups Push Back Against Wave of Anti-DEI Bills

So far this year, at least five state legislatures have passed bills seeking to curtail diversity, equity and inclusion in higher education. This year’s batch may seep more into the classroom.

The cover of the book Pandora’s Box by Peter Biskind.

Scaled Online Learning as Higher Ed’s ‘Pandora’s Box’

And other imperfect academic equivalencies inspired by a fantastic book on the history of prestige TV.

Indiana Governor Signs Bill Tying Tenure to ‘Intellectual Diversity’

On Wednesday, Indiana’s Republican governor signed a controversial bill diminishing diversity, equity and inclusion programs and tenure protections in the...
An engraving of the English poet John Milton.

Milton’s Last Stand, in Florida

Richard Utz sees curricular nostalgia at work in Stanley Fish’s choice to teach Milton at the New College of Florida.

UPenn Professors Sue to Stop House From Getting Antisemitism Documents

Two University of Pennsylvania professors and the Penn Faculty for Justice in Palestine group are suing the private institution, asking...