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A photograph of striking Rutgers University workers holding signs.

Higher Ed Workers Seek to Coordinate Nationally

A group called Higher Ed Labor United is trying to overcome the silos that divide unions and keep them from working together against the many threats to colleges and universities.

A photo illustration with a section of House Bill 2735 overlaying a photo of the University of Arizona’s campus.

Arizona GOP Bill Would Stifle Faculty Power in Governance

The legislation, nearing passage, would bolster the power of presidents and regents while reducing faculty members to merely “consulting” on governing, academic and personnel decisions.

Alabama Governor Signs Bill Targeting DEI, ‘Divisive Concepts’

Despite protests from students on multiple campuses, Alabama’s governor signed into law Wednesday legislation that will, within public higher education...

UC Board Postpones Vote on Limiting Departmental Statements

The University of California’s Board of Regents on Wednesday postponed a planned vote on a policy that would prohibit academic...
A photograph of Florida governor Ron DeSantis holding up his hands and speaking into a microphone.

Florida Law Threatens to Defund, Disband Higher Ed Unions

Governor Ron DeSantis signed legislation last year threatening to decertify unions if fewer than 60 percent of bargaining unit members paid dues. Faculty unions are threatened but not yet erased.

Goldwater Institute Sues Arizona Regents Over DEI Training

A conservative think tank is suing the Arizona Board of Regents on behalf of an Arizona State University professor who...

Alabama Lawmakers OK Bill Targeting DEI, ‘Divisive Concepts’

The Republican-controlled Alabama Legislature passed a bill Tuesday that would, within public higher education institutions, limit so-called “divisive concepts” plus...
A side view of a female professor lecturing to college students in a classroom.

Professors Are Not the Problem

The ‘viewpoint diversity’ movement ignores that professors aren’t just curators of readings –we’re experts in assessing arguments, Simon Feldman and Afshan Jafar write.