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Does 'Value Added' Add Value?

Listen to some critics of higher education, and you'll hear constant calls for more accountability and assessment. Colleges don't do...

Testing, Testing

While ETSs paper backs national measures of student outcomes, a discussion reveals differences with U.S. commission's approach.

'Engagement' and the Underprepared

By now, it is widely accepted that curricular efforts to "engage" students -- to involve them deeply in the process...

New Model for Scholarly Publishing

Rice killed its press a decade ago. Now it will return -- with all materials online, but with peer review system akin to print operations.

Accountability Proposal Evolves

State college groups flesh out plan for members to make public a "bundle of information" about learning climate and student outcomes.

A Win-Win on Health Benefits

Calif. community college district is using bonds to provide retiree benefits -- and to free up money for current faculty members.

No College Left Behind?

As federal panel talks of testing what students learn, college officials accept accountability but fear a national mandate.

Unions for Private College Part-Timers

Collective bargaining at Syracuse U. represents a growing movement, say organizers.