Oct 08, 2019
New graduate school enrollments continue to fall among international students, but underrepresented U.S. minority enrollments are way up.


Sept. 23, 2019 -- Inside Higher Ed's 2019 Survey of College and University Admissions Officers was conducted in conjunction with researchers from Gallup. 

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    March 6, 2006
    Jack Kent Cooke Foundation and 8 colleges unveil plan to assist low-income students at 2-year institutions.
    February 24, 2006
    Harvard’s increased aid and outreach to low-income students has played key role in increasing their enrollment, report says.
    February 24, 2006
    From Amherst to Pomona, liberal arts colleges are increasing enrollments -- and trying to keep a small college environment.
    February 23, 2006
    States have made some progress on aligning standards and requirements, but have far to go, report says.
    February 16, 2006
    NCAA considers a crackdown on high school diploma mills that help athletes get eligible.
    February 10, 2006

    Diploma mill operators often manage to stay one step ahead of the law, changing their location or how they operate whenever state or other authorities zero in for a crackdown. And the laws and other tools available to regulators, higher education officials, students and others to stop degree mill operators are few and flimsy. So occasionally they turn to alternative tactics to fight the degree mills and other companies that help them do business.

    February 8, 2006
    Many more students are enrolling in AP courses, but enrollments don't always translate into good scores.
    February 7, 2006
    Admissions officers, wary of those who pay for help on applications, consider new strategies.
    February 7, 2006
    Administration again goes after programs preparing low-income students for college -- leaving educators puzzled and angry.
    February 3, 2006
    Amid signs students are paying more attention to culture when picking a college, institutions respond with ambitious plans.


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