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Christian College Grows Roots Abroad

Russian-American Christian University shows both the promise and challenge of foreign expansion.

Sexual Harassment on Study Abroad

U. of Minnesota student in Tanzania accuses institution of not responding appropriately when she alerted officials to harassment.

Overseas Outposts

More universities open degree-granting branches in other countries, and U.S. is not the only player in the game, study finds.

Making Sense of 'Bologna Degrees'

In the early 1990s, the then-presidents of Oberlin College and Stanford University floated the idea that the standard time for...

When Knowledge Overtakes a Core

MIT plan would broaden science requirements, encourage study abroad and curb AP credit -- moves that could be influential nationally.

A Divorce in Singapore

Johns Hopkins program, seen as pathbreaker for global graduate education, to close -- amid acrimony from former partners.

A Small World

New Jersey university wins approval from British Columbia to set up campus in Vancouver for students from Asia.

Going Global Before Graduation

Goucher will begin requiring all of its students to spend at least some time studying in another country.