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British Universities Become ‘More British’

In wake of Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic, British students make up 89 percent of those at British universities.

Inside a North Korean University

An Australian graduate student writes about what it’s like to be one of the country’s few foreign students.

Simple Rhetoric, Complicated Realities

What may be surprising is that the occupied regions of the West Bank and Gaza have become home to a vibrant, albeit struggling, network of postsecondary institutions, writes Michael Feuer.

Who Controls NYU Shanghai?

Despite a previous claim that NYU was promised “absolute control” over NYU Shanghai operations, NYU Shanghai argued in an employee discrimination case that it is not controlled by NYU and therefore not covered by U.S. employment laws.

Deep Discounts in Thailand and Malaysia

Leaders cut tuition as COVID-19 keeps campuses closed.

Fear for the Future

Scholars and students face desperate circumstances following Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

Détente for Australian Universities

University of Sydney and University of New South Wales have pledged to cooperate instead of bickering.

No Plans to Require Vaccines at English Universities

Despite uncertainty about vaccination rates, government says universities should encourage but not require them.