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‘An Affront to Open Discourse’

PEN America and the American Association of Colleges and Universities come out once more against so-called divisive concepts bans, saying they represent the biggest threat of all to free speech.

‘Resurrection’ and ‘Restoration’

Morris Brown College regained full accreditation after 20 years. What’s next for the institution?

Improving Outcomes Data for Online Programs

It’s often impossible to tell how graduates of online programs fare, Robert Kelchen writes.

Looking for a New Accreditor

Five New York colleges are seeking accreditation from an agency outside their region—among the first to do so since the Trump administration changed the rules to allow it. Others will likely follow.

Judging Institutions Based on Employment Outcomes

Workforce Talent Educators Association wants to recognize, and conceivably accredit, institutions for how successfully they prepare students for work.

Who Knew? 5 Surprises About Accreditation

Accreditation is stepping up its game in an evolving higher education landscape in ways that may surprise you, writes Jamienne Studley.

Using Colleges’ Outcomes to Gauge Risk for Students

A framework developed to identify the riskiest colleges for veterans could be a model for state regulators and accreditors to spot colleges that could close or harm students.

UAGC's Struggles Grow as Lawsuit and Investigation Outcomes Loom

With its accreditor’s decision on potential sanctions due soon, the University of Arizona Global Campus is also contending with lower-than-expected enrollment and a California lawsuit against its corporate partner.