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Should the ‘New’ New College Lose Its Accreditation?

In the face of unprecedented political interference, Florida’s public universities have no right to be accredited, Brian Rosenberg writes.

Accreditors Are Sleeping on the Job

The accrediting agencies’ collective failure to hold low-performing colleges accountable against objective standards harms students and taxpayers, Jay Urwitz writes.

An ‘Ambitious’ Regulatory Agenda

The Education Department’s docket for this year includes amending regulations on accreditation, state authorization, distance education, cash management and third-party servicers. Plus, the agency plans new Title IX and gainful-employment regulations this spring.

University of Arizona Pursues Switch to Western Accreditor

The shift away from the Higher Learning Commission is possible because the WASC Senior College and University Commission has broadened its scope to include institutions wherever they reside.

Florida Shops for New Accreditors

Education officials in Florida have been meeting with agencies as they seek a new accreditor for state colleges and universities. A lengthy and expensive process awaits.

2 Colleges Flounder Under Chinese Owners

Ambow Education purchased Bay State College in 2017 and the NewSchool of Architecture & Design in 2020. Now critics say both institutions are in shambles.

Education Department Terminates Controversial Accreditor

Deputy Education Secretary Cindy Marten issued a final decision on the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools.

Consolidating Campuses, Reconceptualizing Workspaces

The Pennsylvania state higher ed system sold off the building that housed the chancellor’s office and made the former occupants remote workers. The move was a reflection of system leaders’ attempts to innovate and adjust to new workplace realities.