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In With the New

At the annual meeting of the American Council on Education, discussion focuses on what the next generation of presidents will look like and how to find them.

Yes, Virginia is O.K. But…

Garrison Walters offers some thoughts on the lessons that trustees and others should (and shouldn't) have drawn from the University of Virginia's governance meltdown.

Cracks in the Leadership

Anonymous document-leak site at Gustavus Adolphus helps the faculty air grievances about the president and highlights how technology shifts debates between faculty members and administrators.

Twisting in the Wind?

Contractual changes have left two public university presidents in tenuous positions and highlight a growing fear of commitment among boards.

The Price is Right

Trustees' group's survey finds that board members think the price of college is too high – just not at their own institutions.

Out on a Limb

Saint Louis University president who pushed controversial reforms has lost the support of faculty, but still has his board’s support. How does that get resolved?

Letting the Flagship Steer

LSU's governing board combines the top jobs at the system and flagship in a new model they hope will gradually eliminate distinctions between the two and grow the institution's profile.

Searching for an Answer

Search consultants say dramatic turnover in research university leadership – including at least 11 major searches this year – is likely to result in more unconventional selections.