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State Higher Ed Budgets Rebound

Nationally, states are continuing to restore aid to higher ed, but funding is still lower than it was before the recession.

No Longer Free

Cooper Union trustees reject a plan to keep the college free. Alumni fear impact of the shift to tuition.

President's Home or Prison?

Alabama State University doesn't want its president to have live-in lovers -- and has banned it in writing.

Bard's Bet

As Moody's points out the college's financial vulnerabilities – such as cash on hand to last 2 weeks – President Leon Botstein sticks with his philosophy of spending the money he raises.

Badging From Within

A digital badging project at UC Davis is drawing notice, but the innovation looks more like competency-based education than a form of alternative credentials.

Cooper Union Divided

An 18-member panel has a plan to save Cooper Union without charging tuition. The blueprint already has opponents inside the administration.

Go Easy on MOOCs

President Obama's science and technology council recommends the federal government and regional accreditors get out of the way for MOOCs.