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A photograph of Louisiana State University's campus.

Fired LSU Professor Accused of Student Affair, Illegal Anti-CRT Lobbying

An ousted political science professor is denying salacious ethics charges against him.

Presidents of Harvard, Penn and MIT sit at a table in front of the House Education and Workforce Committee.

The Fallout: What the Antisemitism Hearing Could Mean for Higher Education

After Republicans grilled three university presidents on Capitol Hill, experts weigh in on the broader implications for public opinion and the politics of colleges and universities.

AAUP: DeSantis’s Florida Part of ‘Assault on Democracy Worldwide’

The American Association of University Professors released a report today saying Ron DeSantis’s words and actions “come from the same...
A photo illustration including a photograph of Jim Jordan, the U.S. House Judiciary Committee chairman, the front page of a recent interim staff report from his committee and partial quotes from the report.

Misinformation Research Plows Ahead—but So Do Political Detractors

Republicans’ ongoing lawsuits and House probes have buffeted those who study online falsehoods. Researchers say there’s been a “chilling effect,” but the work goes on.

UF Professors Blocked as Witnesses Win $374K in Legal Fees

A judge has awarded nearly $374,000 in legal expenses to the three University of Florida professors who sued the institution...
Nikki Haley, in a white suit, stands next to Ron DeSantis, who is wearing a dark suit and blue tie. Both are at podiums.

Republican Presidential Candidates Criticize Colleges’ Response to Israel-Hamas War

Republican presidential candidates threatened Wednesday evening to cut federal funding from colleges and universities and deport international students who are...
Donald Trump, in a blue suit and red tie and standing in front of American flags, points up.

Trump Free College Plan Taps ‘Restless Discontent’ Over Higher Ed

The plan to create a national online college is a political nonstarter, experts say, but it capitalizes on concerns about price and politics in higher education.

A photo of Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump shaking hands in 2018

Should College Presidents Criticize Political Candidates?

Some higher ed leaders have voiced concerns about the threats GOP front-runners Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis pose to democracy. Others are uneasy about weighing in on an ongoing race.