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Illinois Looks to Chicago for Research Site

An ambitious research effort spanning much of Illinois has its eyes set on Chicago as a new "hub" that could bring together the state's largest public and private universities.

Financial ‘Safety Schools’ Are Hard to Find

Most public universities are no longer affordable for low-income students, writes Carrie Warick, leaving few financially safe options for applicants.

The Pros and Cons of Purdue’s 7-Year Freeze

Holding tuition flat since 2012-13 has raised the land-grant university’s profile and helped it grow, but it is fueling competition for resources by academic departments -- and Purdue is still working to enroll more students from Indiana.

Collaborating on Completion

New project from land-grant university association will bring 100 institutions together to work on improving student completion rates and closing achievement gaps.

In Defense of UVA

Despite its recent trials, the university embodies the dream of public higher education, Mark Edmundson writes.

Connecting on Climate Change Research

Indiana University’s new “grand challenge” takes a practical approach by seeking to connect university research on environmental change to the lives and work of people across the conservative state.

Lessons From the Tragedy of the Commons

We in higher education must act on our collective responsibility to support America's public universities, writes Harold M. Hastings.

Post-Fact America

Christopher Newfield examines how the nation’s electoral divisions highlight fundamental questions about the role of public universities.