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Values and Questions

Ugly incident at college known for Quaker values leaves students and educators considering role of a tolerant faith in American academe.

Religious Freedom or Bias?

Christian college sues Pennsylvania for refusing to include jobs with religious requirements in state database.

The 'Great Divide' in Religious Studies

When it comes to introductory courses in religion and theology, the big division isn't a question of faith, but of...

Under the Robes of Clerical Education

Study finds seminaries of many faiths face new educational challenges -- and new diversity among students.

Freedom of Digital Religious Expression

The first Jesuit-led new media program gets under way at Fairfield University.

Lost Faith

Two Davidson trustees -- including the college's most generous donor -- quit over board's decision to allow non-Christians to serve.

College and Baptists Split Over Gay Issues

Virginia Baptists have severed ties to Averett University.