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Moving Beyond Congress

Some research university leaders say it's time to look beyond the federal government to states and businesses, given Congress's dysfunction.

Sequester Strains Science Researchers

Across-the-board spending cuts are prompting scientists across the country to lay off staff, close laboratories and scramble for other sources of funding. Another round of reductions is slated to take effect in the coming fiscal year.

Snapshot Dissertation

Should universities require graduate students to pare down years of research into a soundbite that can be understood by non-scholars?

'Imperative for Change'

New information from the Delphi Project is designed to help adjuncts make their case for reform.

Stepping Out of the Spotlight

Outgoing chancellor of UNC-Chapel Hill will become provost at Washington University, an uncommon move that reinforces a trend of public university administrators finding a home in private higher ed.

What I'll Do as Yale's President

Wick Sloane's vision for resuscitating the social mission of what was once one of the world's great universities.