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A photograph of a woman sitting, wearing a maroon blazer with the Texas A&M University logo on it.

Texas A&M Professor Suspended for Allegedly Criticizing Lieutenant Governor

Texas A&M already lost its president in the wake of a Texas Tribune article on the mishandled hiring of a Black professor. Now, the Tribune connects politics to the investigation of a current professor.

A student in a ball cap sits at a laptop with the words "The George and Mary Foster Anthropology Library" on official lettering on the wall behind him, and, on banners below those letters, “You fund displacement why not education?” and “public libraries are not for sale."

UC Berkeley Student Protest Keeps Anthropology Library Open—Kind Of

Student protesters and faculty support dwindled over the nearly three-month occupation of the anthropology library.

A drawing of someone in a black hoodie at a laptop with a black poison symbol on it, with ones and zeros behind him.

Researchers Say They Found IP Addresses for ‘Anonymous’ Econ Forum Posts

A study into toxicity on Economics Job Market Rumors says it uncovered IP addresses for posts, linking many back to universities.

Marc Tessier-Lavigne speaks at Stanford's 2021 commencement

Though Cleared of Misconduct, Stanford President Resigns

Marc Tessier-Lavigne is stepping down following an investigation that found he had no knowledge or intent of research misconduct but nevertheless co-authored papers with “serious flaws.” 

A photograph of a University of Maryland at College Park building with letters spelling "Biology - Psychology" above the entrance.

Retracted Papers, Co-Authored by the Editor in Chief

The Journal of Counseling Psychology’s editor in chief requested retractions of eight articles with his name on them after a University of Maryland investigation found research consent issues.

Black Editor Rejects Texas A&M Job Offer to Revive J-School

The former University of Texas at Austin School of Journalism director, who’s also a veteran New York Times editor, turned...

Arraignment for Alleged UCSD Chalk Vandals Delayed

Monday’s arraignment was canceled for two University of California, San Diego, graduate student researchers and one postdoctoral researcher who allegedly...
A photograph of the University of California, San Diego's Marine Conservation and Technology Facility.

Academic Unions: Chalk, Markers Led to Felony Vandalism Charges

The University of California at San Diego police department arrested two students and a graduate for "felony vandalism" of a new building. The university says they did more than $12,000 in damage, but the unions said they used washable markers and chalk.