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Stanford Graduate Student Workers Vote to Unionize

Stanford University graduate student workers who teach and research have unionized, the new Stanford Graduate Workers Union announced Thursday. The...
A graph showing the annual number of Chinese-descent scientists who have left the U.S. for either China/Hong Kong or other countries. The numbers going to China steadily increased from 2010 to 2021, with an even faster increase since 2018.

Chinese Scientists Increasingly Leaving U.S.

A new study suggests the Department of Justice’s China Initiative investigations may have strengthened the foreign power by encouraging more scientists to relocate there.

A photo of Bandy X. Lee, a light-skinned woman with dark hair and bangs, leaning on a shelf in a library.

Yale Professor Who Diagnosed Dershowitz and Trump in Tweet Loses Appeal

A professor lost her—“voluntary,” as Yale puts it—position after tweeting about the two. The courts have dismissed her lawsuit.

An image composed of various election-related phrases layered atop one another, incluidng "2020 election," "Misinformation" and "democratic process."

Conservatives Sue, Investigate Disinformation Researchers

A second lawsuit alleges a Stanford University–University of Washington collaboration worked to “censor” Americans’ speech. The new suit takes aim at the researchers themselves. 

Harvard Dishonesty Researcher Now on Administrative Leave

Harvard University has placed a business administration professor who studies dishonesty on administrative leave, The Chronicle of Higher Education reports...
An image of an hourglass against a black background.

MIT Exonerates Professor—After 3.5-Year Wait

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology received research misconduct allegations against Ram Sasisekharan in 2019. It didn’t clear his name until this spring.

Striking U of Washington Postdocs, Scientists Reach Tentative Deal

University of Washington postdoctoral researchers and research scientists and engineers announced Thursday that they have paused their strike after reaching...

U of Washington Research Postdocs, Scientists Begin Strike

University of Washington postdoctoral researchers and research scientists/engineers began striking Wednesday over pay and other issues. Becca Bluett, a member...