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Two drama students acting in a play

Why Some Selective M.F.A. Programs Are Going Tuition-Free

Some M.F.A. programs at Juilliard and the University of Southern California, among others, won’t charge tuition starting next fall. But will it expand access to the arts?

An orchard is filled with people milling about. A yellow piece of machinery sits in the middle of the orchard.

AI Taking Root in Growing Number of Agriculture Programs

Embracing the technology could not only boost food production but also prepare students for fast-changing jobs.

A photo illustration consisting of a cellphone in someone's hand and a microphone, with a red slash through both of them. Superimposed on top are words from University of California, Los Angeles, professor Susanne Lohmann's audio-recording ban.

Giving an F for Recording Classes, Even for Students With Disabilities

A UCLA professor whose classroom hosts contentious debates says she’ll fail any student who records. She says it’s a matter of academic freedom. But does federal law allow it?

Who Owns the Letter ‘D’?

Drake University and Des Moines Area Community College are locked in a legal battle over the letter “D.” The community...
An image of three coin jars, each filled with a larger amount of coins from left to right.

Some Community Colleges See Level Funding Despite Lean State Budgets

In some states, community college systems have seen wins this budget season even when lawmakers were looking to cut costs.

A photo illustration containing headlines of articles from OpenTheBooks founder Adam Andrzejewski.

A Nonprofit Says Colleges Spend Big on DEI. Is It ‘Wildly’ Overstating the Case?

American Transparency publishes spending investigations under the moniker OpenTheBooks but doesn’t say where it gets its own money. Its definitions of DEI positions are way too broad, says one targeted university. 

A rear view of three college students walking a path across a college campus toward a brick campus building.

A Plan to Save Small Colleges

Small colleges could join forces through a supporting-organization model, Michael Alexander writes.

Utah State University Worker Paid for 2 Years He Didn’t Work

A Utah State University Eastern staff member who didn’t show up for work for more than two years was still...