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A rear view of three college students walking a path across a college campus toward a brick campus building.

A Plan to Save Small Colleges

Small colleges could join forces through a supporting-organization model, Michael Alexander writes.

A photo illustration containing headlines of articles from OpenTheBooks founder Adam Andrzejewski.

A Nonprofit Says Colleges Spend Big on DEI. Is It ‘Wildly’ Overstating the Case?

American Transparency publishes spending investigations under the moniker OpenTheBooks but doesn’t say where it gets its own money. Its definitions of DEI positions are way too broad, says one targeted university. 

Utah State University Worker Paid for 2 Years He Didn’t Work

A Utah State University Eastern staff member who didn’t show up for work for more than two years was still...
A screenshot of a meeting showing Mark Hagerott, chancellor of the North Dakota University System.

A Decade-Long State Chancellorship Is Ending. Board Members Won’t Say Why.

The North Dakota State Board of Higher Education met behind closed doors before voting unanimously to end Mark Hagerott’s time as chancellor. But he’s getting an extended, well-paid exit.

The University of Arizona campus appears ripped in two, with images of the Department of Education, a phone with the UA logo, a red arrow pointing down and money in the center of the rip.

University of Arizona’s Controversial UAGC Consolidation Moves Forward

The university touts absorbing the online campus as a financial win, but dipping enrollment and millions in debt have experts doubtful.

LSU Fires Tenured Shreveport Professor, Environmental Advocate

A tenured professor at Louisiana State University at Shreveport who was accused by his campus chancellor of “creating a toxic...
An illustration of multiple featureless black faces with red tape over where their mouths would be.

A Dean Called for Silencing Harvard’s Faculty Critics. He’s Been Roasted.

Lawrence D. Bobo’s argument that professors should face sanctions for inciting “external actors” to “intervene” at the university has been roundly lambasted. But it tapped into an ongoing debate: When is outside intervention warranted?

Four alumni stand with Lincoln University president John Moseley in front of a sign that reads "Welcome alumni, family and friends."

Lincoln University Cuts Ties With Alumni Association, Demands Audit

The board president at the historically Black university in Missouri suspended relations with its alumni association until it meets a list of demands.