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You've Been Pre-Approved

If community colleges were to find all the formerly enrolled students whose academic records qualify them for an associate degree...

California Ends Deal With Kaplan

Community college chancellor kills agreement that let students from overcrowded institutions take courses from the for-profit and transfer them back.

What Your Ph.D. Didn't Cover

At a time when community colleges are feeling more pressure than ever to improve their completion rates and new Ph.D.s...

Dollars and Sense

New programs at University of San Francisco must fit "mission," but deans are using more sophisticated tools to show they can make money, too.

A New Leaf at Phoenix?

For-profit giant -- under fire in Congress -- announces shifts in recruiting tactics.

Watching a Watchdog

The Washington Post faces questions over its support for for-profit higher ed -- including visits to Congress by Don Graham on behalf of Kaplan.

For-Profit, Without Profit

Investors pledged to rescue a struggling nonprofit, but as its leadership keeps changing and its enrollment lags, university is on verge of losing accreditation.

Seeking Honorable Mention

Baccalaureate-granting community colleges had trouble finding an honor society that would accept their students; now, there is competition.