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The Education Department announced Monday that students will not be able to make corrections or adjustments to their student aid until “the first half of April”—potentially weeks later than had been predicted at the beginning of the month

The department also said it would only start reprocessing the 200,000 forms affected by last week’s calculation error after the forms had been opened for student corrections, meaning most colleges won’t be able to send out complete and accurate financial aid offers until May. While many institutions have pushed back commitment deadlines to May 15 or June 1 due to the FAFSA delays, May 1 remains the standard decision deadline for the majority of colleges.

The department also gave an update on FAFSA processing and Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR) delivery, the latter of which began two weeks ago but was bogged down by software issues. As of March 25, the department said it had processed 4.3 million forms—up from 1.5 million last Friday—and delivered ISIRs to “the majority of schools, states, and designated scholarship organizations.” Officials say they’re on track to complete both processing and transmission by the end of the month.