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St. Louis Community College at Meramec is investigating alleged misconduct by a campus police officer after an anonymous student who felt threatened asked the officer for help. According to the student, the officer “told me if I don’t like it, I can go back to where I came from,” reported St. Louis CBS affiliate KMOV.

Another student, Zainab Ahmad, told the TV station she was walking to class when she noticed a man live-streaming a YouTube channel called Kingdom Reconcilers, which posts videos of people making bigoted remarks on college campuses. The man reportedly stayed on campus for two hours, speaking, yelling and answering students' questions.

“The main target was Muslim students, but he was attacking the queer community on campus, he was making extremely anti-Semitic remarks as well, and campus police were just standing by,” Ahmad said. “They didn’t intervene.”

When another student, whose identity was not revealed by KMOV, asked one of the officers for help, the officer told the student to go back to where the student came from.

“We have campus police who are literally there to protect us,” Ahmad said. “Not only are they not protecting us, they’re escalating the situation and participating in the same discriminatory behavior.”

In an email to students about the incident Feleccia Moore-Davis, president of the college and chief academic officer said: “The alleged behavior by a staff member is not tolerated and does not reflect our values.”

The college said in a separate statement to KMOV that while it respects federal and state laws protecting free expression it “does not condone harassing or discriminatory behavior by members of the public, students, or College employees."