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A group of college graduates smile for a selfie.

Investing in Support for International Students

International students can be seen as a way to boost finances and improve cultural competency among domestic students, but how can higher ed promote academic success for those learners?

Students sit on a lawn outside of a college building.

Students Want More Space for Cultural Understanding, Affinity Groups

A majority of students believes multicultural centers and identity groups can contribute to a positive campus environment, according to new research from NASPA. But administrators aren’t investing in these projects at the same level.

Proud mother holds her young adult daughter's head in her hands on her daughter's graduation day.

Campus Engagement Tip: Involving First-Gen Families

Colleges and universities can better support first-generation students with three strategies to create intentional educational experiences for family members to be involved in students’ college experiences.

A student holds a tablet that is open to Utah State University's myUSU page.

Campus Involvement: The Tech Connection

Some students say they lack awareness of campus events and activities, according to new Student Voice survey findings. Many want a comprehensive campus events calendar and see technology as a way to enhance campus involvement.

Young man sitting on a terrace or at a cafe looks at his watch as he's writing on a notepad with his laptop open.

So Little Time, Not Enough Help With Time Management?

Students are interested in a variety of offerings for help with time management, according to the Student Voice survey on the college experience. High on the list are comprehensive syllabi, help with overall scheduling and social supports.

A crew films as a student sits at a table with a tablet on the Saint Mary's College campus.

First-Gen Videos Welcome New Students to Higher Ed

To welcome incoming students and promote university resources, Saint Mary’s College in Indiana recruited first-generation learners to provide success tips in a five-part video series.

A small, diverse group of student leaders smiles at the camera in an office space. One is a wheelchair user. They have folders and coffee, as if in a meeting.

Following the Leaders: Understanding and Promoting Student Leadership

Student Voice results show that students with certain advantages are more likely to have held leadership positions on campus than peers. Here’s why that matters and what institutions can do to help boost students’ leadership creds.

Group of friends walking on university campus, holding books and notebooks.

Success Program Launch: Co-Curricular Pathways Bridge the Skills Gap

To best prepare students for the jobs of the future, Gettysburg College is guiding incoming students to establish a skills track, emphasizing flexible career and professional development abilities.