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A Black student studies in a library

Report: PWIs Can Do More to Support Students of Color

A new report from the Education Trust identifies seven ways colleges and universities that are majority white can support students of color and create a positive racial climate.

A group of students wearing professional clothing, with badges, takes a selfie in a campus-looking building.

Getting More Students Involved

A fresh Student Voice survey finds that more than half of students who aren’t engaged in campus life beyond the classroom are dissatisfied, that campus involvement is linked to ease in making friends and more.

Two women meet in a cafe and talk

Campus Engagement Tip: Take Students Out for Lunch

To promote authentic relationships between faculty members and students, colleges offer discounted or free meals in the dining halls for those looking to dine together.

A promotional graphic for FSU's vice president for student affairs' event "Amy's Snacks and Chats" on Oct. 25.

Campus Engagement Tip: Rethinking Event Marketing

Florida State University’s Division of Student Affairs created a weekly marketing campaign to highlight five top events happening on campus and available services to promote attendance and involvement.

A male student looks up at the word "orientation" written in yellow on a green chalkboard behind him.

What Kind of Welcome?

Nearly all students want choice in some of the orientation sessions they’ll attend, according to a new Student Voice survey. Topics of interest include internships and career planning, mental health, time management, and study skills.

Students walk on the University of Colorado at Boulder campus

Measuring Student Success Impact With Data

The University of Colorado at Boulder established a cross-departmental leadership team to facilitate analysis and revision of student success programs to close equity gaps and improve outcomes.

A young group of friends laughing and sharing pizza at a music festival.

Campus Engagement Tip: Reaching Students Where They Are

To encourage participation in student activities, campus leaders should recognize the different types of interest levels among learners and what incentivizes them.

Gamers with headsets sit at a row of computers while others stand in the background of the new esports arena at Brookdale Community College. Lighting is dim and purplish-red.

Seeking Connection

How can technology help promote student involvement in campus life? In this infographic, Student Voice survey respondents share their thoughts on how tech can make them feel more connected.