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Bubbles, Fidget Toys and Coloring Have a Role in Student Success

Bellin College’s Student Success Center offers games and fidgets for community members to take a “brain break” in their study cycle.

Student Efforts Put a Spotlight on Mental Health Strategies, Reduce Stigma

Student-organized events at Stanford and Georgetown raise awareness about wellness during a new Student Mental Health Week.

Building Campus Nap Maps

Campus nap maps such as the University of Texas at Austin’s help students catch z’s between classes and other activities. They also help raise awareness of the importance of sleep.

New on the Job: Penn Director of Well-Being Initiatives Creates Tools for Success

Wellness at Penn targets student health and wellness across campus, and Jackie Recktenwald is helping to bring it all together.

Student Success Training: Boosting Knowledge to Meet Complex Student Needs

Florida State University offers a practical, research-based professional certification course on trauma-informed policies and resistance, increasingly seen as integral to student success.

Part Women’s Center, Part Success Center: It Makes an Impact

Utah Valley University center leverages “IQ and EQ,” or being data-informed and person-centric, to boost enrollment and persistence.

ICYMI | Coping Classes Comfort College Students

The University of Maryland, College Park, trials a one-credit emotional regulation course.