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Two Duke Dining staff members smile at a table featuring a peanut-free friendly zone ice sculpture to share the launch of the Ask Me program.

Allergen Program Provides Comfort and Confidence in Dining

Duke University’s “Ask Me” allergen program trains dining staff to serve as allergen experts, creating a safer environment for students with food allergies.

Two students sitting next to each other in class are writing. Their phones are not visible.

Student Wellness Tip: Support Tech Breaks, in Class and on Campus

Helping students to disconnect involves encouraging self-reflection on technology use, no-tech class activities and apps and phone settings that provide motivation for more no-mobile-device time.

An aerial shot of Columbus State Community College

Housing Program for Students in Need Evolves

With new funding and operational changes, Columbus State Community College will continue its housing support program partnership for students needing short- and long-term assistance.

A student wearing a backpack helps restock a gray food pantry from a blue plastic tub.

Program Innovation: Smart Boxes Feed Food-Insecure Students

Virginia Commonwealth University rolled out optimized miniature food pantries to provide free and accessible food items across campus.

First-year students at Ball State University walk as a group

Program Launch: Creating Off-Campus Housing Standards

Ball State University officials created a list of qualifications students should apply to their off-campus rental properties and will establish an index of properties that meet those standards.

A young Black adult scrolls on his phone while lying down in bed.

Student Wellness Tip: Aiding Students With Homesickness

To support students who are feeling homesick, institutions can promote feelings of home within their campuses and emphasize the importance of staying connected.

Boxes of Plan B sit on a shelf in a pharmacy under a sign that reads "sexual wellness"

Student Wellness Tip: Make Emergency Contraception Accessible

Across the country, institutions are adding vending machines to their campuses for students to purchase emergency contraception when they need it.

Young woman sleeps under covers in a darkened room.

Getting Students to Think Sleep

Many college students aren’t getting enough sleep. Following are six ideas for promoting sleep, including wellness pop-ups on campus, online sleep education and classroom-based interventions.