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Students sit at round tables, listening to a peer present from a posterboard

Success Program Launch: 3-Day Workshop for Student Athlete Career Prep

Davidson College athletes can participate in a three-day event covering leadership and workforce development skills while not in season, equipping them for their future careers.

Woman student with glasses, stress with headache and burnout, tired about paper deadline or study for exam in library

Young People Feel Meaningless. How Can Higher Ed Help?

A new study from Harvard found financial stress, world events and loneliness contribute to young adults’ poor mental health. Researchers offer three tactics to reassure and motivate students about their purpose in life.

A group of students wearing professional clothing, with badges, takes a selfie in a campus-looking building.

Getting More Students Involved

A fresh Student Voice survey finds that more than half of students who aren’t engaged in campus life beyond the classroom are dissatisfied, that campus involvement is linked to ease in making friends and more.

College students working together on a design project and drawing on a blueprint.

Report: Young People Want to Get to Work Sooner

Nondegree pathways are growing in popularity among high school graduates. A new report reveals a gap between students’ knowledge of available opportunities beyond a four-year degree and their interest in skills-based learning.

Miles Community College's front lawn on a sunny day

Success Program Launch: Making College Pathways Visible for Rural High Schoolers

A community college in Montana is putting a new spin on dual enrollment by providing free one-credit course offerings to local high school students, with content aimed at preparing them for life after graduation.

Four students play a board game on a brown table

Get Your Head in the Game for Study Abroad

Faculty and students at DePaul University created Buddy Abroad, a multiplayer board game to prepare students for scenarios they may encounter studying abroad and give them advice for how to overcome challenges.

Two women meet in a cafe and talk

Campus Engagement Tip: Take Students Out for Lunch

To promote authentic relationships between faculty members and students, colleges offer discounted or free meals in the dining halls for those looking to dine together.

Screenshots of the Zombie Resurrection game, one of a zombie and one asking students to identify a given neuron component (nodes of Ranvier) from a drop-down list.

Academic Success Tip: Teach Brain Science—With Zombies

One professor gave his neuroscience unit the Walking Dead treatment to promote student success. Here's what happened.