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A promotional graphic for FSU's vice president for student affairs' event "Amy's Snacks and Chats" on Oct. 25.

Campus Engagement Tip: Rethinking Event Marketing

Florida State University’s Division of Student Affairs created a weekly marketing campaign to highlight five top events happening on campus and available services to promote attendance and involvement.

An over-the-shoulder view of a university student meeting online with his teacher and fellow students.

Report: Addressing Concerns Around Online Education

A new report from California Competes unpacks the hesitancy around online learning in higher education and how institutions can evolve programs to better support students.

A male student looks up at the word "orientation" written in yellow on a green chalkboard behind him.

What Kind of Welcome?

Nearly all students want choice in some of the orientation sessions they’ll attend, according to a new Student Voice survey. Topics of interest include internships and career planning, mental health, time management, and study skills.

Close-up shot of two unrecognizable people holding hands in comfort

All in a Day’s Work: Inspiring Learning From Failure

Students often want professors to help ease their stress and mental health struggles. One professor shares how she encourages students’ resiliency and why it’s important.

A group of students sits on a lawn at California Baptist University

Funding Student Success: Supporting Local Hispanic Students

Grant funding from the federal Ed Department will support a new program for Hispanic and Latino learners at California Baptist University, with an additional focus on closing equity gaps for commuters and prenursing students.

A digital outline of a brain is surrounded by AI-related images. A keyboard is next to the images.

Prioritize ChatGPT Proficiency to Enhance Teaching and Learning

Educators have a responsibility to think beyond cheat-proof assignments, teaching students to use AI proficiently and creatively in the classroom, writes Amy Kristof-Brown.

Students walk on the University of Colorado at Boulder campus

Measuring Student Success Impact With Data

The University of Colorado at Boulder established a cross-departmental leadership team to facilitate analysis and revision of student success programs to close equity gaps and improve outcomes.

Two students sit on a Stanford Graduate School of Business sign on the Palo Alto campus.

Success Program Launch: Graduate Business Courses for Undergrads

New course offerings from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business target junior and senior undergraduates, opening up career-development opportunities and extending cross-campus collaboration.