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It’s Better in Texas

Stymied by California’s outdated master plan for higher education, the state should look to Texas’ approach to supporting emerging research universities, Adela de la Torre writes.

Out of Time

Rutgers University graduate assistants whose research was impacted by COVID-19 say they need one more year of funding to finish. Rutgers says the well is drying up.

Righting ‘Historical Wrongs’

Campus leaders and state policy makers are introducing tuition waivers for Native American students at colleges and universities across the country.

College Counseling Centers Cannot Act Alone

Colleges should reach across the campus and collaborate with established resources in the community rather than relying on traditional models of campus counseling, writes Eric Wood.

Supporting Student Athletes’ Mental Health

A peer-counseling program at St. Lawrence University aims to break the stigma around issues of student athlete mental health, Elisa Van Kirk and Carolyn Holran write.

‘You Just Can’t Ignore Them’

Indiana University at Bloomington professors call meeting to send a message to administrators: engage with the TAs on strike over union recognition.

Liberty Faces a Barrage of Legal Trouble

Liberty University is under investigation for Clery Act noncompliance. Fourteen women have sued since July, accusing the university of a long-standing pattern of mishandling sexual assaults.

More Student Workers Join Strike at Kenyon

Resident advisers started a strike in April after the college announced a change to their payment plan for the following year. Now other student workers are joining the effort to get Kenyon to recognize their union.