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Students and Teachers Want Video. Where Will It Come From?

It’s time for providers and distributors to step up more and include video as an integral part of learning materials, writes ed-tech investor Vera Song.

Game On

Students develop preferences and learn skills when they play online games. A new study suggests that information could help them chart their career trajectories.

Inside and Out, Facilities Matter

From academic major buildings and historic structures to residence halls and gathering areas, a variety of campus facility types and spaces influence enrollment for nearly two-thirds of students.

‘These Are the Wrong Kids to Do This To’

The adjunct faculty strike at the New School ended over the weekend, and two of four groups of academic workers striking across the University of California system ended their labor action. But undergraduates continue to struggle.

Punished for Talking to the Press

Two professors at Cuyahoga Community College are suing administrators, claiming they faced backlash for criticizing a discriminatory college policy to a local media outlet.

Walking a Mile in Someone Else’s Gown

Undergraduate graduation regalia can cost over $100, doctoral regalia as much as $1,000. To ease the financial burden on students, some institutions are asking alumni for donations.

Flu Returns to Campus With a Vengeance

College campuses that avoided major flu outbreaks for two years are now seeing the virus spread early and fast, with COVID restrictions gone and student immunity low.

‘Woeful’ Evidence for Efficacy of Anonymous Reporting Tools

Colleges can choose from an array of tech tools for reporting suspicious behavior. But with little evidence-based research, many feel adrift on what works for this life-or-death matter.