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Back to Work, Not Back to Normal

Accused harasser John Comaroff’s first week back teaching at Harvard was met with a walkout, and other developments in the related lawsuit against the university.

Outcry at UVA Over Controversial Board Member

The new board member at the University of Virginia is an appointee of the Republican governor and the latest example of the increasing political polarization of higher education in the state.

COVID Goes Back to School

As students return to campus, colleges are reporting record-high numbers of COVID cases—but don’t expect a revival of heightened safety measures.

The Mindset List

Marist College releases annual list of what freshmen know (and what they don’t know).

The Freedom to Disparage and Be Disparaged

Colleges and universities should adopt policies prohibiting the use of nondisparagement clauses in any legal settlements, John K. Wilson writes.

Should Professors Still Record Lectures? Maybe. Maybe Not.

The pandemic may be fading, but some students still need accommodations and flexibility, proponents say. Others argue that recorded lectures inhibit class discussion, compromise privacy and threaten faculty intellectual property rights.

An HBCU’s Football Woes Spotlight Lack of Resources

Florida A&M’s football team called out administrators after 26 players were declared ineligible for the season opener. Now the university is facing calls for accountability.

Trying to Beat the Heat

Colleges and universities are struggling to keep students and local residents cool as a heat wave sweeps the West Coast.