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Four students play a board game on a brown table

Get Your Head in the Game for Study Abroad

Faculty and students at DePaul University created Buddy Abroad, a multiplayer board game to prepare students for scenarios they may encounter studying abroad and give them advice for how to overcome challenges.

Female professor stands in front of chalkboard with the words "Harlem Renaissance" written on it.

Debunking Perceptions About Value of Humanities Degrees

An American Academy of Arts and Sciences report found humanities majors in all but four states had median incomes at least 40 percent higher than workers with only a high school degree.

A distressed student rubs her eyes

Feeling Adrift Drives Anxiety, Depression in Young Adults

A study by the Harvard Graduate School of Education found that three in five young adults felt their lives lacked meaning and purpose.

Two women meet in a cafe and talk

Campus Engagement Tip: Take Students Out for Lunch

To promote authentic relationships between faculty members and students, colleges offer discounted or free meals in the dining halls for those looking to dine together.

An empty college dorm room featuring a bunk bed, desk and chair, and closet.

Affordable Housing Is a Higher Ed Issue

It’s not enough for colleges to support students experiencing homelessness—they need to lobby to improve access to affordable housing, Paul Schofield writes.

New Report on Supporting Student Parents Who Face Abuse

A new brief from Generation Hope, an organization focused on student parents, calls attention to how domestic violence can affect...
A promotional graphic for FSU's vice president for student affairs' event "Amy's Snacks and Chats" on Oct. 25.

Campus Engagement Tip: Rethinking Event Marketing

Florida State University’s Division of Student Affairs created a weekly marketing campaign to highlight five top events happening on campus and available services to promote attendance and involvement.

An over-the-shoulder view of a university student meeting online with his teacher and fellow students.

Report: Addressing Concerns Around Online Education

A new report from California Competes unpacks the hesitancy around online learning in higher education and how institutions can evolve programs to better support students.