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A graphic with the word "scholarship" in a cloud-shaped bubble, against the background of a desk, with a keyboard and school supplies visible in the background.

Designing Scholarships With Intention

Choices in scholarship design and administration can determine whether scholarships open doors for students or (unintentionally) close them, Krista Chronister and tia north write.

Silhouette reading covid-19 behind a student with a backpack

Is ‘Gen P’ Ready for College?

This fall’s applicant cohort will be the first to have entered high school during the pandemic. Assessing their college readiness will be a challenge for admissions offices.

BC Swimmers Sue to Lift Suspension for Alleged Hazing

Thirty-seven members of the Boston College swimming and diving program have sued the institution to lift the indefinite suspension that...

Harvard Scholars: President Has Been Mum About Palestinians

Nearly 80 Harvard scholars have signed a letter accusing the university administration of refusing “to actively protect the free speech...
A photo of small candles and lighters, which say "USC Hillel," with a group of people in the background.

Coming Together Over the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

As the Mideast crisis deepens, some university officials are finding ways to foster dialogue and compassion among students on campus.

Student grabs period products from a dispenser in a bathroom

Growing Public Awareness of ‘Period Poverty’ Prompts Legislative Action

More college officials and state lawmakers are addressing this once-taboo issue. Some colleges already provided free menstrual products for students, and many are increasingly being required by law to do so.

A group of college students works together on a laptop

Teaching Tip: Successfully Flip Your Classroom

Surveys show students want more variation and active learning in the classroom. One popular strategy for instructors—which has grown simpler as digital course offerings have become more accessible—is the flipped classroom.

A student in a blue jumpsuit points to a book, smiling, with an instructor sitting beside him.

A New Transfer Pathway From Prison to the CSU

Officials at the college in San Quentin State Prison are working with the California State University system on a guaranteed transfer pathway for incarcerated students once they’re released.