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Indiana Bill Tying Tenure to ‘Intellectual Diversity’ Heads to Governor’s Desk

Both chambers of the Indiana General Assembly have now passed a controversial bill curtailing diversity, equity and inclusion programs and...
A group of three students studying at a table with the help of a professor standing behind them.

The (De)Acceleration of College

The focus of student success initiatives should be support, not acceleration, John Schlueter writes.

A group of Bard students stand holding voting buttons and cards about the 26th Amendment.

A N.Y. Law Mandates Campus Polling Sites. Why Are There Still So Few?

Activists were excited about a law requiring polling places on campuses with more than 300 registered voters. But its implementation has proven slow and erratic.

A green background decorated with colorful sticky notes featuring affirmations such as "I am confident" "I am strong" "I am living with abundance"

Campus Engagement Tip: Create an Affirmation Station

First-year experience staff at Lander University established a space on campus for students to reflect on their week, engage with their peers and share positivity.

Congress Passes FAFSA Formula Fix

Congress moved Thursday to fix an error in the legislation overhauling the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, days after...
A group of multiracial students talk in the library.

Teaching Students to Disagree Respectfully

Students say they are hesitant to engage in discussions on complicated topics. Here are some ways colleges and universities are teaching them to participate confidently in constructive dialogues with their peers.

An illustration of a stack of books in a prison cell

Game-Changing Access to Academic Materials in Prison

Doing research on JSTOR is a routine part of many students’ college experience. Now that opportunity is available to hundreds of thousands of incarcerated people.

A photograph of protesting students holding signs on the University of Alabama at Birmingham's campus.

As Alabama Republicans Target DEI, They Propose ‘Gag Order’ on Professors

Free speech groups and students have raised alarm about a bill that flew through the state’s Senate last week and awaits action in the House.