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New Seal of Approval

Digital humanities advocates look to hammer out a publishing platform to help institutions apply traditional peer review mechanisms to nontraditional research.

Open Access and Interventionism

White House solicitation about the government's role in making federally funded research available to the public rekindles debate over open access.

Why Pay for Intro Textbooks?

Rice U. unveils free, digital offering that it says could save students nationwide tens of millions of dollars.

Defining Fair Use

Association of Research Libraries spells out principles and best practices for making copyrighted materials as free as possible while avoiding lawsuits.

Behind the Digital Curtain

Could weaving the digital humanities into undergraduate education help improve students' information literacy?

Libraries: A Paper Wikipedia

With the open-source encyclopedia blacked out to protest U.S. Internet bill, college librarians offer their services (and verifiable sources).

Pulling for Better E-Textbook Prices

Universities have started banding together to negotiate favorable contracts with software vendors. With new effort, a group of them aims to exercise similar leverage with publishers on behalf of students.

The Promotion That Matters

Language and literature scholars have embraced technology in their research, but can they win tenure on it?