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A group of students sit, all wearing virtual reality headsets. They are in a classroom and in a square formation with their desks.

Virtual Coffee, Ice Cream Shops Help Students Learn Business

Business schools are moving beyond case studies or site visits and utilizing virtual reality in classrooms to help students master supply chain management.

Ep. 110: Underemployment of College Graduates: How Concerned Should We Be?

Half of all graduates don’t work in jobs that require a bachelor’s degree. What can institutions do to best prepare their students for work?

A crowd of people, many of whom are wearing protective eyewear, are looking up at the sky.

For Solar Eclipse, Colleges Give Physicists Football Star Treatment

Many stadiums will host public watch parties to instill awe, enhance science literacy, and foster community on and off campus. For the rare event, Inside Higher Ed offers a statistical poem.

A man is on a stage standing behind a podium. There is a background behind him with “2024 UPCEA” emblazoned on blue and orange.

Seeking Tech Antidotes for Enrollment Cliff

New approaches using personalized learning, microcredentials and AI were in the air at the annual UPCEA conference.

Contract cheaters threatened blackmail via social media posts

Sting Operation Fools a Proctoring Service—and Results in Blackmail Attempt

A staff member at a Florida college, posing as a student, hires a contract cheating firm to test the institution’s systems for preventing fraud. The outcome offers lessons for instructors and students as virtual learning expands.

Ep. 108: Helping Learners Plan Their Path Through College

The “guided pathways” model is not just a student success initiative, but a way to redesign how a college operates.

A woman wearing headphones faces a laptop. A man is on the screen of the laptop teaching.

Online Continuing Ed Programs See Improved Staffing but Problems Remain

A new report finds online programs focused on continuing education getting increased support and faculty, but struggling for respect among other departments.