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A photograph of Simon Cullen, an assistant teaching professor at Carnegie Mellon University, teaching a class.

Bridging the Campus Divide With ‘Dangerous Ideas’ and AI Debate Moderators

In this polarized time, one assistant professor is teaching students to argue more constructively about the most contentious topics: abortion, guns, transracial identities, moral obligations to animals—even the existence of God.

An animated woman stands in a classroom. She is wearing a lab coat and has a whiteboard behind her on the left and a chart examining an atom floating next to her on the right.

Animated AI TAs Coming to Morehouse

The AI avatars—which can look like students’ professors—are intended to answer course questions 24-7.

Unity Environmental University campus

An Online Pivot That Continues to Pay Off

Enrollment is so strong at Unity Environmental University that it recently announced it will both raise employee salaries and freeze tuition.

Ep. 120: Moving Beyond Transfer to Improve ‘Learning Mobility’

This episode examines how how learning is recognized across institutions.

Campus of Claremont McKenna College

New Carnegie Classification Focuses on Leadership

The new classification evaluates the effectiveness of higher education institutions’ leadership programming.

A woman's silhouette is running against a black background, with a male silhouette behind her. The male is holding a briefcase.

A New Digital Divide: Student AI Use Surges, Leaving Faculty Behind

While both students and faculty have concerns with generative artificial intelligence, two new reports show a divergence in AI adoption. 

Robot hands are placed on a blue typewriter. The overall background image is yellow, with two pieces of crumpled paper on either side of the typewriter.

Murky Guidelines on Using AI Recording Devices in Classrooms

Concerns about privacy and access mount as more colleges and students use the devices. Experts say the technology should be embraced using “common-sense” guidelines.

Ep. 118: Colleges’ Responsiveness to the Job Market

This episode examines how institutions are adapting to growing pressure to prepare learners for work.