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A drawing of a human brain made of gray jigsaw puzzle pieces with a single red piece that bears the acronym "AI," illustrating the concept of artificial intelligence.

The Program-Level AI Conversations We Should Be Having

Now is the time to progress to program-level conversations around curriculum and learning outcomes, Kathleen Landy writes.

Facial portrait of a young man with a network of lines on his face intended to depict ingredients for a facial recognition scan.

Facial Recognition Heads to Class. Will Students Benefit?

Innovators plow forward with this technology in a largely unregulated ecosystem. Ethicists and a new National Academies report urge caution.

A phone has an "error 404" message on its screen in red. The phone is placed in front of an orange background showcasing a university building

University of California Lifts Ban on Online Degree Programs

Even as the debate on online courses continues, the UC move is creating concern about shared governance between faculty and university leaders. 

Ep. 104: Higher Education in a ‘Post-Generational Society’

What would it take for colleges and universities to truly become “lifelong learning” institutions.


3 Questions for 2U’s Andrew Hermalyn

How should universities think about 2U’s ability to be a long-term partner?

A virtual man appears on a screen in a person-size white box in front of a classroom of students

Holograms Begin Beaming Into College Classrooms

Breaking out of sci-fi movies and into the classroom, holograms are becoming the latest high-tech teaching tool.


3 Questions for Lee Bradshaw on Rhodes Advisors

A conversation with an old friend on his new consulting company.

A 2 and U are in the left corner, with money falling out of the U

Online Course Provider 2U Faces Doubts It Can Continue

The financially challenged company said it needs to undergo major changes to survive.