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A woman points toward a screen filled with electronic blue dots. She also has electronic text projected onto her

How AI Has Begun Changing University Roles, Responsibilities

While job titles and descriptions have not changed, more faculty are being given AI-focused tasks, according to a new Educause survey.

A paper comes out of a computer screen with red lines highlighted. Two hands are typing on the laptop surrounded by glasses, a pencil and crumpled sheets of papers

Professors Cautious of Tools to Detect AI-Generated Writing

Mixed performance by AI-detector tools leaves academics with no clear answers.

Magnifying glass is held up over a diploma

Assessing Quality of Microcredentials Is Difficult

Most high school educators recognize the value of microcredentials, but a dearth of available data on outcomes can make them hesitant to recommend nondegree pathways to students.

A keyboard is shown with an blue overlay of code. There is a red button that has a hand on it, indicating stop.

Students Distancing From Distance Learning

The drop has academics cautioning against going all in on online courses.

A group of students sits in front of computers, each showing charts and graphs on the screen. They are all facing toward the front of the room with their backs turned toward the camera.

Data Science Major Takes Off

Colleges are leaning into data science majors as workforce demand rises and the number of bachelor’s degrees awarded for the specialty skyrockets.

Hand holds magnifying glass over résumé

Microcredentials on the Rise, but Not at Colleges

A new survey found training partnerships between employers and four-year colleges fell between 2022 and 2023 while instruction provided by third-party providers rose.


3 Questions for the University of Rochester’s Eric Fredericksen

A conversation with a professor and associate vice president for online learning.

A digitized man wearing glasses sits in a lecture hall surrounded by students, facing a professor speaking.

AIs Enrolling as Students in Michigan University’s Experiment

Artificial intelligences Ann and Fry will listen in to online courses before making their way to the classroom, ultimately eyeing Ph.D.s.