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‘Inside Digital Learning’s’ Best-Read Articles of 2019

Top stories focus on federal policy on digital learning, the business models of textbook publishers -- and institutions' strategies to go big online.

Regional Public Universities Need Help Going Online

Online program management companies are facing criticism, but many underresourced institutions need outside partners to succeed, David Klock writes.

The Biggest Movers Online

Federal data show the colleges and universities with the most students enrolled online in 2018 -- and which institutions grew and shrank from the year before.

The Sharing Solution

Many universities and colleges are needlessly duplicating accessibility evaluations for learning tools. Why can’t they share them?

Digital Learning in ‘Inside Higher Ed’ This Week

Among the topics: Canvas parent is sold; accessibility bill reintroduced; $190 million federal settlement for Phoenix; mom pays someone to take online courses for her son.

Online Enrollments Grow, but Pace Slows

New federal data show that more than a third of all 2018 college and university students took at least one online course, and that online enrollments continue steady growth as overall numbers dip.

Good and Bad News About Employer Funding of Online Degrees

In the Third Age of online learning, companies are paying for their workers' online degrees. Does that bode well -- or ill -- for nonselective universities and their value proposition, Ryan Craig asks.

Rebranding for a Major Ed-Tech Investor

Sterling Partners' Educational Opportunity Fund, which has invested in numerous technology and other companies in the higher education and workforce...