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Modest Gains in Faculty Salaries

Pay is up 1.7 percent, CUPA-HR study finds, with slightly larger increases for those off the tenure track -- who tend to earn much less.

‘Poorly Paid’ Professors

Faculty members earn 15 percent less than others with advanced degrees, study finds. They work equally long hours.

Mandating Child-Care Degrees

A changing economy and professionalization is driving an increase in education requirements for child-care workers, but there are concerns about mandating higher degrees for a field that traditionally doesn't pay well.

Where the Faculty Jobs Are

New data from CUPA-HR suggest fields doing the most hiring, but some question its optimistic findings about English. Study also looks at pay by demographics, and for chairs and adjuncts.

The State of Personal Finance, Faculty-Staff Edition

Survey of campus employees finds professors focus on saving for retirement and doubt their financial literacy; administrative staff worry more about the near term.

Failing to Keep Up

Recent increases in number of minority administrators don't keep up with demographic shifts, but new study finds broad pay equity.

Which Professors Earn More?

Analysis of political scientists illustrates role of gender, Ph.D. pedigree, negotiations, institution type and more. Study is bad news for women who teach undergraduates.

Rational Actors

Study suggests that number of students taught has relatively little to do with faculty salaries, but that universities act efficiently in allocating resources to teaching and research.