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Rational Actors

Study suggests that number of students taught has relatively little to do with faculty salaries, but that universities act efficiently in allocating resources to teaching and research.

The Stagnant Wage Premium

The wage gap between college degree holders and workers without a degree has not grown in recent years, and a new study says the culprit is information technology's displacement of "routine" jobs.

Paying to Retain Professors

U of Wisconsin at Madison pays millions to fend off recruitment of faculty members by other institutions. Effort illustrates power of salaries in retaining scholarly talent.

Wellness Programs, Adjunct Health Care on the Decline

CUPA-HR survey cites declines in employer-sponsored wellness programs and part-time-faculty benefits.

Dual Loyalties

In California and Arizona, two college presidents joined the board of for-profit education company. After widespread criticism, one quit and another is facing demands that she do the same.

Professor Pay Up 3.4%

Professor pay was up 3.4 percent this year, according to AAUP's annual faculty salary survey.

New Lens on Faculty Salaries

Work at a regional public university? You'll earn more at a unionized, large urban institution, according to new analysis of faculty salaries.

What You Teach Is What You Earn

Survey finds 2.2 percent median salary increase for tenure-track faculty members at four-year colleges and universities in 2015-16, but wide variation by discipline.