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Female student working at a computer at a desk holds up a small spiral notebook that says in bold letters, "Top 10."

Preparing for Life After College: The Top 10 Student Survey Insights

Major findings from our Student Voice survey on getting ready for life after college reveal gaps in students’ use of and satisfaction with career services. Responses also suggest that students expect a high degree of faculty involvement in career exploration and that they benefit from experiential learning, including internships.


The Capital of Transfer

Ensuring students are fully informed.

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Tenure Extensions Were Popular Amid the Pandemic. That May Not Be Good.

Colleges gave tenure candidates more time due to COVID-19. Women, who may be more likely to fall behind due to extensions, reported more disruption to their research than men.

Degree, Credential Attainment on the Rise, but Gaps Persist

New data from the Lumina Foundation on college degree and credential attainment rates show more American adults are earning credentials...
Texas state capitol building

State Support for Colleges Grew as Stimulus Funds Ebbed

Even with a reduction in federal stimulus funding, state support for higher education was up 10 percent in fiscal 2024.

Doxing Truck Targets Boulder Faculty Members

Accuracy in Media, the group behind what it calls infamous mobile billboards and what others call doxing trucks, has now...

A Call for Deadline Extensions After FAFSA Delay

A coalition of higher ed professional associations and advocacy organizations issued a letter Wednesday urging colleges to extend their typical...
Five scientists conduct an experiment in a science lab

Funding Student Success: Increasing Diversity in STEM Fields

Some student groups remain underrepresented in STEM degree attainment and in the workforce. Three grant-funded programs look to address the barriers and promote student success.