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Harvard President Corrects 2 Articles

Harvard University president Claudine Gay has submitted corrections for two previously published articles, CNN reported. She made the changes following...
President Biden speaks

Frustration Mounts Over Biden’s Latest Debt Relief Plans

Months of talks over how to forgive student loans for borrowers only highlighted how contentious the issue is—and how fraught the path ahead looks in 2024.

A photo illustration with an image of a person with a microphone in front of the Israeli and Palestinian flags.

War in Gaza Fuels Faculty Free Speech Battles 

Advocates for campus free expression and academic freedom say they’ve seen increased reports of squelched speech since Oct. 7—often following social media campaigns and political pressure.

A drawing of an obviously stressed-out and overwhelmed female college student lying down, one hand on her head, and surrounded by notebooks and books.

The Liberal Arts’ Role in Mental Health

Discouraging students from studying fields they’re drawn to isn’t helping their mental health, Rosario Ceballo writes.

Black teacher explains engineering to students using an interactive whiteboard.

Report: STEM Classes With Racial, Socioeconomic Representation Boost Student GPA

A new study published in the American Educational Research Association’s journal found, when classes are more diverse, all students achieve higher grades.

The Week in Admissions News

UVA expands free tuition; lawmakers demand clarity on FAFSA; inflation rises 4 percent for colleges; medical schools enroll a more diverse class.

In California, Ethnic Studies for Everyone? Syllabus Podcast

This week’s episode of The Syllabus podcast, from the Office of Open Learning at American Jewish University and Inside Higher...
Four students walk across the campus of Spartanburg Community College.

Investigations Conclude College Administrators Lied to Media, Mistreated Faculty

The investigations found that Spartanburg Community College disbanded its Faculty Senate and surveilled faculty members, then lied about it to media outlets and South Carolina’s inspector general.