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A student holds a sign reading "y'all means all," with "all" in rainbow colors.

Texas Colleges Prepare for the End of DEI

Eliminating multicultural centers. Adding new offices for “engagement” and “citizenship.” Dispersing DEI personnel. These are just some of the steps Texas institutions have taken ahead of the Jan. 1 launch of SB 17.

Two college students work together in the chemistry lab. She is carefully measuring solutions into two different beakers. He is watching closely. Other students are working in the background.

Academic Success Tip: Investing in Effective TA Work

When working alongside teaching assistants, professors can consider these five areas to promote a better experience for themselves, the assistants and the undergraduate learners enrolled in the course.

An image of a computer screen bearing the words "Direct Admissions" with a ladder and a graduation cap perched atop the screen

Direct Admissions: Too Late and Too Little

To boost college enrollment, interventions should be happening much earlier, Donald Hossler writes.

Students walk through a college campus

A Disruptive Year in Admissions

Inside Higher Ed assesses a year of dramatic change in college admissions and predicts what the landscape might look like in 2024.

Students walk around Robert Manning Strozier Library at Florida State University

Success Program Launch: Academic Guides Connect Learners to Resources

Florida State University opened the Center for Academic Guidance this year, using data to identify struggling students and providing them with support resources to improve retention and persistence.

UNC Taps Former State Official as Interim Chancellor

Lee Roberts, a member of the University of North Carolina Board of Governors and a former Republican state official, has...

Bacone College Campus Auction Called Off

Facing the prospect of losing its campus, Bacone College got a temporary reprieve last week when an auction scheduled for...

Rooting Out Toxic Leaders: Academic Minute

Today on the Academic Minute: Bryan P. Acton, assistant professor of organizational behavior and leadership at Binghamton University, discusses ways...