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Jamestown Business College to Close

Jamestown Business College, a for-profit institution in New York founded in 1886, is no longer accepting students and plans to...

Dartmouth College to Reinstate Standardized Testing

Dartmouth College will reinstate its standardized testing requirement for the next application cycle, offi c ials announced Monday, making it...
A graphic highlighting six statistics from the Student Success content hub

Student Success Wrapped: What You Wanted to Know About Supporting Students

A look at six trends from the most engaged-with content published by the Student Success team over the past year.

Two piggy banks; the one labeled "history tuition" has a few coins by it while the one labeled "engineering tuition" has dollars coming out of it.

Differential Tuition Is Popular. But Is It Equitable?

Colleges have long charged more for costly programs like nursing and engineering. Some put money back into scholarships meant to offset negative impacts.

Young male teacher teaching young students a programming class in the classroom.

Teaching Tip: Navigating AI in the Classroom

Generative artificial intelligence tools continue to grow in popularity. Here are four ways faculty members in higher education are teaching about or with AI.

Woman in prison reads a book

Advocates Promote Equitable Prison Education Programs Post–Pell Restoration

Using feedback from incarcerated students is one way to work toward making prison education programs more racially inclusive, according to a new report from the Vera Institute of Justice.

New Report Suggests Supports for Nontraditional ‘Comebackers’

A new report by California Competes, a nonpartisan research organization, identifies “promising practices” being implemented at state institutions to bolster...
Three students with heavy green packs walk past the facade of the U.S. Military Academy

Supreme Court Passes on West Point Affirmative Action Case

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to intervene in the latest affirmative action legal battle, this time centered on the United...