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How to Engage Students in Difficult Conversations When Consensus Is Impossible

Strategies for fostering understanding, empathy and respect in academic discussions.

The white-columned facade of the U.S. Supreme Court

Management by Judiciary

Peter F. Lake writes that the higher ed regulatory environment is likely to become even more complex after the demise of Chevron.

The University of Utah's campus

DEI Ban Prompts Utah Colleges to Close Cultural Centers, Too

As in Florida, Texas and other states that have passed anti-DEI legislation, Utah’s public institutions are applying the law with a broad brush.

Woman helping a customer in a clothing store

How Concerning Is Underemployment of College Graduates?

Half of graduates land jobs that don’t require a bachelor’s degree, and 40 percent are still in such jobs a decade later. What can colleges do?

A screenshot of a meeting showing Mark Hagerott, chancellor of the North Dakota University System.

A Decade-Long State Chancellorship Is Ending. Board Members Won’t Say Why.

The North Dakota State Board of Higher Education met behind closed doors before voting unanimously to end Mark Hagerott’s time as chancellor. But he’s getting an extended, well-paid exit.

Report: Legacy Preferences Harm Diversity

Colleges that offer admissions preferences to legacy applicants are less likely to admit Black, Latino and low-income students, according to...
Facade of U.S. Supreme Court with a red-colored filter applied.

The Dangers of Distractions in Post–Affirmative Action Admissions

Shaun Harper and Julie Posselt write that many other issues have competed for attention in the year since the Supreme Court struck down race-conscious admissions.

Deadline for Idaho-Phoenix Deal Extended

The University of Idaho is buying more time to finalize its planned acquisition of the for-profit online juggernaut University of...