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Struggling Vermont College of Fine Arts Finds Affiliate

The Vermont College of Fine Arts, which has been seeking a buyer or partner to help it stay financially stable...
Veronica Stewart, career center director at Bryant University, teaches a lecture to first-year students.

Success Program Launch: Required Career Prep Seminar Course

In Bryant University’s new general education program, students must complete three one-credit courses, one of which is focused on professional development and career exploration.

Tax Errors Set Back FAFSA Processing—Again

The U.S. Education Department released additional details Tuesday on the scope and impact of the tax issue flagged last week...
illustration showing stacks of cash on a map of the United States with the U.S. Capitol in the background.

Congress Sends $1.3 Billion to Colleges in Federal Earmarks

The money will go to 707 wide-ranging projects, from equipment purchases to airport-runway extensions. Which states and institutions will benefit the most?

Eboo Patel, founder and president of Interfaith America, stands in front of a podium facing a crowd of campus officials.

Pluralism Conference Draws Campus Leaders Amid Israel-Gaza War

The Washington, D.C. conference brought together university leaders eager for answers on promoting civil discourse amid ongoing student protests over the conflict.

Students smile in front of a poster that features the LIFT logo and reads “LIFT, Living Intentionally, Finding Togetherness”

Listen: Creating Community in Collegiate Recovery Program

An administrator from Florida State University shares how her institution prioritizes students’ physical health and student success through investing in peer-led and supportive interventions.

A photo illustration of stacks of money against the backdrop of college campuses.

Inching Toward the $100,000 Sticker Price

Some selective institutions are expected to hit six figures soon, though such pricing will likely have more of a psychological and political impact than a financial one.

A basketball hoop in an empty stadium.

NCAA, Heal Thyself

Any real reform in college sports needs to start with autonomy for the major programs and conferences, Josephine R. Potuto and Brian Shannon write.