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A group of protesters with a woman in the center holding a banner that says "Justice for Palestine"

A Day of Tension and Protests on Campus

Days after the Hamas terror attacks on Israeli civilians, pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli groups of college students clashed on campuses across the U.S.

A square with rounded corners colored with a changing gradient that starts red and pink on the top left and changes to purple and blue on the bottom right. On this background are the white letters "T," "H" and "E." To the right of the rounded square, black text reads "Times Higher Education."

Is Substack a Brave New World for Academic Publishing?

The platform offers scholars a way of building a profile and livelihood away from universities, but what makes a successful Substacker, and is there really room for everyone?

New College Sees Spike in Dropouts, Retention Issues

Dropout rates are up and student retention is down at New College of Florida amid a conservative overhaul driven by...

Language and Identity: Academic Minute

Today on the Academic Minute: Roger Kreuz, associate dean and professor of psychology at the University of Memphis, explores how...

Lincoln Christian University Announces Closure

Lincoln Christian University in Illinois will close at the end of the academic year, and its seminary will be acquired...
A giant computer screen with a person climbing a ladder leaning against the computer, another with a magnifying glass and a third holding a target on top of the laptop.

Overcoming Higher Ed’s Tech Hiring Hurdles

Speakers at the Educause ed-tech conference described experimenting with new hiring methods to attract and retain tech talent.

A close-up of a pink highlighter being used to highlight a dictionary entry for the word "language."

Plain Language Is Key to DEI in Academe

Academics have an opportunity to make more accessible linguistic choices, Shawna Shapiro and Laura Aull write.

A student holds a tablet that is open to Utah State University's myUSU page.

Campus Involvement: The Tech Connection

Some students say they lack awareness of campus events and activities, according to new Student Voice survey findings. Many want a comprehensive campus events calendar and see technology as a way to enhance campus involvement.