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Washington & Jefferson to Receive $50M Gift

Washington & Jefferson College will receive a gift of approximately $50 million to support student scholarships, the institution announced Wednesday...

Independent Panel Downgrades Kansas Sports Violations

The independent panel the National Collegiate Athletic Association uses to adjudicate complex and disputed infractions cases on Wednesday downgraded the...

Caring for Kinless Older Adults: Academic Minute

Today on the Academic Minute: Christine A. Mair, associate professor of sociology and gerontology at the University of Maryland Baltimore...
Five health-care professionals are seen from above, collaborating.

Tomorrow’s Health-Care Workers and Leaders Need Interprofessional Education

When health-care education programs train students to be good collaborators, the entire health-care system improves—and can be greater than the sum of its parts, writes physical therapy professor Norman Belleza.

Hands holding up orange signs that together spell out the word "applications"

Regional Colleges Saw Biggest Application Gains After Tuition Resets

A new report compared post-reset application growth at nationally known and regional institutions.

Ep. 100: The Key Podcast Hits 100 (Episodes)

Paul Fain and Doug Lederman discuss the podcast’s mission and arc over three years. 

A graphic showing white lines winding and twisting around in a loose rectangle, demonstrating the slow path to debt relief for the Education Department.

Ed Department: Mass Loan Cancellation Is Off the Table

The first meeting of the Education Department’s student debt relief negotiating committee offered glimpses at what kind of loan forgiveness the Biden administration might propose.

A photo illustration of cuts at Vermont State

Cuts Follow Consolidation at Vermont State

Months into its existence as a consolidated institution, VTSU plans to cut faculty jobs and programs. Leaders say that’s an inevitable part of its transformation.