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A young Black man making eye contact with an older white man against an orange background

College Admission Gets Personal

Between advancements in AI and the end of affirmative action, the traditional application process is more fraught than ever. Some colleges are trying a radical strategy: meeting students face-to-face.

A diverse group of six young people sits together and looks at one of their smartphones, as if watching a video. They are all laughing and happy.

Talkin’ ’Bout Their Generation

They might not be preternaturally savvy, but at least the kids are all right, Alex Small writes.

Students in white shirts walk beneath a large balloon arc, reading "Hampshire" in silver letters.

A New Home for New College of Florida Émigrés

When conservative leaders took over Florida’s only public liberal arts institution, Hampshire College officials knew they had to help. Now they’re welcoming the first cohort of New College defectors.

A young professional speaks with an older man.

Serving Students Beyond the 9-5

Colleges and universities look to increase the availability of campus services by changing staff hours and working locations. What is driving this trend and how can department heads decide what works best?


Integrating Social Justice in a Mixed-Methods Study

Three practical strategies for enhancing equity and impact in your research.

A man sits in front of a camera to deliver a speech.

Academic Success Tip: Adapt In-Class Presentation Models

To help alleviate student anxieties and accommodate English language learners, a Villanova University professor allows students to prerecord their final presentations. As a result, students have performed better and embraced more dynamic and engaging styles.

ACC ad welcoming Cal, Stanford and SMU

Conference Realignment Poses Threats to Big-Time Sports

As the Atlantic Coast Conference snags Stanford and Berkeley, dealing potential death blow to Pac-12, could selfishness of sports powers raise legal and tax issues?

Fisk Students Protest New Payment Policy

Fisk University students are protesting a policy that will drop students from the rolls after Sept. 8 if they have...