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House Republicans Worry About China’s Influence on Colleges

House Republicans are pledging to hold to account colleges and universities that don’t report foreign gifts and contracts totaling $250,000...
A group of students chat in a classroom at Monroe Community College SUNY.

Program Launch: Financial Coaching at Monroe Community College

A grant from the National Council for Workforce Education will fund financial coaching services for students at Monroe Community College and three other institutions in the U.S.

The book cover for 'Uncharted: How Scientists Navigate Their Own Health, Research, and Experiences of Bias,' edited by Skylar Bayer and Gabi Serrato Marks.

Doing Science With Disabilities

Scott McLemee reviews Uncharted: How Scientists Navigate Their Own Health, Research, and Experiences of Bias.

President Biden and Education Secretary Miguel Cardona

President Biden Plans to Change How Students Pay for College

The restart of student loan repayment looms as the Biden administration readies to roll out a new way to help borrowers at risk of defaulting.


Australian Universities Consider Mergers

In states with small populations, the debates are intense.

A thumb hovers over a smartphone screen displaying social media apps with TikTok at the center.

Lawsuit Opposes Texas TikTok Ban for Restricting Academic Freedom

Researchers and academics say the ban is preventing vital research into TikTok itself and its influence on society.

A photo of the Connecticut State Library and Supreme Court building.

Defamation Ruling Could Influence Title IX Cases, Policy

Court’s ruling that a former Yale undergraduate can sue the student who accused him of rape could be cited in future cases and litigation over federal Title IX rules, some experts assert.

U of Idaho Delays Demolishing House Where Killings Took Place

The University of Idaho will not demolish the house where four of its students were killed in November until this...