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Harvard Faculty Forms Group on Academic Freedom

Fifty faculty members at Harvard University have created the Council on Academic Freedom at Harvard. In an op-ed in The...
A pile of U.S. currency—bundles of $100 bills, scattered $20 bills and some coins—with the words "student debt" in the middle of the pile.

Future of Borrower Defense May Look Different

New borrower defense to repayment regulations may bring increased compliance risks to colleges of all types, Jonathan Helwink writes.

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Australia Recovers With Foreign Students, but Not Domestic

A strong labor market and the rising cost of living are driving down domestic enrollments in Australia.

The End of American Academic Leadership: Academic Minute

Today on the Academic Minute : William C. Kirby, T. M. Chang Professor of China Studies at Harvard University and...
A group of Youngstown State University students sit at a table, smiling.

Program Launch: Procurement Internship Prepares Students for Workforce

An internship pilot for government contracting is providing on-the-job training for Youngstown State University students while supporting local businesses.

Stock photo of a cropped college transcript, with fall and spring courses and A and B grades. Black and white.

How Students Feel About Grading

Student Voice survey data reveal five key differences in the ways students think about grades—as well as room for improvement in how professors assign grades and even design courses.

Students gather to protest anti-trans speaker Ian Haworth in the University of Albany's Campus Center; one holds a sign reading "transphobes, 0, trans people, 1."

Shouting Down Speakers Who Offend

Over the course of a month, students on several college campuses shut down speakers they disagreed with. Why is it so hard to forge a consensus on what protecting free speech really means?

A person in a red boat helps another person escape shark-infested waters.

How Can Online College Be Both ‘Promising’ and ‘Predatory’?

As with health news about chocolate or wine, higher ed news about online college can seem contradictory. Some researchers say it’s time to retire one-word descriptors.